15 May “The Lady Rigger Experience” by Tifereth

I am not a course on the bondage equivalent of a chef’s tasting menu.

I am not a box to be ticked. 

I am not a carnival ride.

I am not a step on your holistic journey to the complete rope bottoming experience.

I am not an opportunity to experience beautiful feminine energy flowing through rope-chances are that’s actually a combo of spit and my sweat. 

I am not a promise of transition sequences  different from those you’d experience with a male-bodied rigger- they probably won’t be any different, because I think and tie with my brain and my hands not my gender identity. If you do happen to have a completely novel and transformative experience in my rope, I would prefer you attribute it to what’s in my head rather than what’s in my pants. 

I am not a walking washroom sign with hands and a rope bag, but when I am propositioned for play solely on the basis of those things, that is what I am reduced to. 

All that I am when I am rigging is a human being with a profound love for objectifying and sadistic rope. So please stop asking me for the Lady Rigger Experience. It doesn’t exist. 

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