09 Mar On the occasion of the International Women’s Day

Another International Women’s day. Another march, yet more statements about the pay gap, men’s violence against women and I know it is easy that we get this feeling of WTF am I still protesting this shit? 

I’m with you on that one. This feeling of a cis-sexist patriarchal, racist society is really heavy thing. I’m afraid I also don’t have that many words left to use, because it feels like I’ve said them so many times, over, over and over.

However, I want to raise a few points:

That there are many of us. Many who will not stand down, many who will bravely continue to be who we are, in what ever capacity that might be. We will do our god damn best to support each other, and with that I mean everyone. I can’t claim to do feminist work if my feminism is not intersectional & inclusive; that means that I have to think about my own position in this world in relationship to racism, to class, to cispassing privilege, as well as remembering transwomen of colour and sexworkers who every day paves the way.

With the current political situation, regardless of where we are in the world, I feel it is important to be clear and concise about the values from which I try to operate as someone who facilitate spaces for learning and sharing. This is ongoing work and will never be easy, but regardless of what happens, class and space that I am somehow involved with will always operate on the premise that there is a zerotolerance towards; any kind of sexism, misogyni & antifemme attitudes, trans & homophobia, non-consensual touch, racism & islamophobia, ableism, shaming of consensual desires, fantasies & practices, body shaming, hate speech, et cetera.

That does not mean it won’t come up since we all live in a society in which these features are prominent. However in terms of creating learning space, this means that you should be able to enter a space and not only feel seen and respected, but also heard & represented. As we work towards creating bottoming inclusive and body positive space I hope that the small things we do can create lasting change. We shall & we will continue to work towards a something better. YES?!



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Let’s keep on fighting, taking care of each other and ourselves


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