19 May Sappho

This is a thank you and homage to those who makes it possible for us to be who we are. Without shame. Some of the names mentioned in the first song are various writers and activists. Many of them are Swedish. Here are some names that history might have forgotten or need to remember more vividly. You can google them, be inspired, continue the fight for your right to your body, your mind, your rights and obligations and to continue working in solidarity for a world without sexism and patriarchy. Who is a feminist hero to you?

Sappho HypatiaEmma Goldman * Selma Lagerlöf * Christine de Pizan * Mary Wollstonecraft * Hildegard von Bingen * Holy Birgitta * Cora Sandel * Astrid Lindgren * Gerd Brantenberg * Nina Björk * Sara Arrhenius* Åsa Moberg * Sigrid Undset * Emilia FogelklouEdith SödergranMoa Martinsson * Madame de Stael * Hedvig Charlotta Nordenflycht * Eva Moberg * Emilia Flygare Carlen * Valerie Solanas * Anna Maria Lenngren * Ebba Witt BrattströmFredrika BremerVictoria Benedictsson * Elin Wägner * Aleksa Lundberg * Audre Lorde * Angela DaviesJulia Serano Sylvia RiveraSaga Becker * bell hooks * Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie * Leslie Feinberg * Judith Butler


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